SIXTEEN is a stylish compact size scooter. SIXTEEN is built on 16" the cantilever wheels. The" lefty” wheels never need to be dismantle! I you have flat tire you simply dismantle tire from the rim and after a repair of tube you return tube and tire back on rim. SIXTEEN scooter is equipped with high-quality components. Its frame geometry is designed for sporty/comfortable ride. This scooter is developed for rides through the town and for longer trips. Scooter SIXTEEN is designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Each scooter is delivered fully built and tested. You only need to unpack it from the specially designed box, align the handle bars, and you are ready to go! Get in touch with us now! We are looking forward to hearing your dreams and wishes and we will try to make them come true!

SIXTEEN scooter can be purchased in a standard configuration, or you can customize it. On our site and facebook profile you can familiarize yourself with all possible variations of colors and configurations.

The most important thing is your dream! Speak to us and we will prepare a scooter made just for you ... Do not hesitate to contact us!


Length: 135 cm
Handlebar height: 80 - 95 cm
Wheelbase: 98 cm
Clearance height of footboard: 5,5 cm
Footboard length: 40 cm
Width of footboard: 8,5 - 10 cm
Weight: 8,2 kg
Capacity: 110 kg


Handlebars: ZOOM dural
Brake lever: AVID FR5
Brakes: AVID BB5
Tires: Continental TourRide
Contact information

4frtm s.r.o.
Svatopetrská 20
Brno - Czech Republic
617 00

+420 776 432 460